Typhon is written in Rust. It consists of four packages:

  • typhon-core is the core logic of Typhon
  • typhon-webapp is the frontend application
  • typhon-types is a common library shared between the two
  • typhon is the server and the main package

Development environment

This documentation assumes that you are using Nix, so you can simply run nix-shell at the root of the project to enter the development environment. Experimental features "nix-command" and "flakes" need to be enabled in your Nix configuration for the server to run properly. Nix >= 2.18 is also required but it is provided by the Nix shell.

The following instructions assume that you are inside the Nix development environment.


Typhon uses Actix for the web server and Diesel for the database management. The webapp is written with Leptos. Typhon is built with cargo-leptos.


If you are building Typhon for the first time, first go to typhon-webapp/assets and run npm install.

Then, to build Typhon, go to the root of the project and run:



To run Typhon, create /nix/var/nix/gcroots/typhon/ and make sure that you have write access to the directory. Then go to the root of the project and run:


The server will be available at http://localhost:3000, the admin password is password.

You can also run watch to re-compile the server automatically at each modification of the code.


Before submitting changes to Typhon, be sure to format the code using the format command.